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High Velocity Resistance Components - Various - Disco-Mortem (Vinyl)

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  1. VPI ESD control flooring has been tested for resistance to various chemicals by placing one cubic centimeter of each chemical on the tile surface and then covering it with a watch glass. The chemicals were in contact with the tile for a twenty-four hour time period.
  2. High-Velocity Impact Test. The high-velocity impact tests were performed using a 9-mm full metal jacket bullet with a powder gun on fabricated square panels with various impact velocities. The ballistic limit velocity V 50, hybrid failure mode, and NIJ levels were evaluated. NIJ standards are used for law enforcement armors by using a standard.
  3. (Note: Many ESD flooring manufacturers will recommend electrical resistance measurements as high as x 10 9, (1 Billion ohms or "One Thousand Meg"). However, Staticworx® feels that the gap between million ohms to a 1 billion ohms is too large, ( million ohms), of a jump in electrical resistance.
  4. Vinyl Ester - or Vinylester - is a resin produced by the esterification of epoxy resin with unsaturated monocarboxylic acid. Vinyl esters have enhanced mechanical properties compared to polyesters with physical strength better impact and thermal shock resistance.
  5. It was cited from one source that low velocity impact is an impact event below 10 m/s, while intermediate, high and hypervelocity impacts correspond to the range of 10 m/s m/s, 50 m/s .
  6. Roaring thunder, crackling lightning, incredible gusts of wind, and utter chaos—the severe weather whims of Mother Nature, while awe-inspiring,are unfortunately some of her most destructive. And while scientists have yet to prove that climate change is linked to the frequency of hurricane events, their occurrence is statistically increasing.
  7. The resistance of the liquid alloy coils was increased by strain, with the same behavior of the three samples. Power efficiency losses of the samples by strain showed similar behavior and they could work at high strains without losing much of the transferred power. The variation in resistance affects the power efficiency only to a small degree.
  8. The exterior of the wood framed walls was then finished with four different systems: concrete brick, clay brick, vinyl siding, and stucco. Three walls were finished with concrete brick units of which two walls utilized 90 mm (thick) x 57 mm (high) units and one wall utilized 90 mm (thick) x mm (high) units. Standard vinyl siding was placed.
  9. High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. Revise Section HVHZ Minimum loads in order to add to it sections , , and for the purpose of maintaining the IBC09 format and at the same time minimize the level of formatting for the HVHZ sections. Deletion legend: [1- Default – Not related to structural wind resistance design] [2- Fire/Life.

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